Looking for a congress centre in Lausanne ?

Lausanne is a region of Switzerland, in the edge of the lake of Geneva; so, you can be there from Geneva or from Zurich. Italy, France, Germany are nearest the country. Why we talk about Lausanne, because we localize there the big architectural conference center in the world.

It’s like a symphony structural

Yes, it is, and more than that, you will have a real emotion to see what a great place we have. When we arrive in this center, it brings us in a high level, and surely students will be proud to expose their project on this platform. In this hive of giant structure, we were invited to assist of a magistral ceremony on this swiss tech center. A biggest area with our university EPFL, there is a lot of things that you can find nearest. A hotel for your personal, a restaurant, an animation, and a promise to be equal of the others convention center in the world. This house is animated, and you don’t have to get 3 000 persons to be in your comfort. You can be just 100 people like a little seminary, or more than this. It can also receive many conferences or events, as a cocktail, a wedding and more.

We can talk more about this

Like in a magic wand, this congress center in Lausanne will be reorganized in 5 minutes, and the chair will transform quickly on a table, and the decoration are different. We can have a professional the last tools of innovation, like Smart glasses or those gadgets Augmented Reality. They have built a part of the Lausanne, because they had innovated the student’s rental in the exterior of buildings. We can also appreciate his glass house in a rainbow vision, because this place feeds by solar panels in which is different also. The place is modulable, exposition, drama and may be the result of the student’s research which is near it, will brings another vision to innovation.

Let’s say that it’s like an auditorium in the time of our king, in which the totality of the population in this village has to assist all ceremonial fiesta of the lord.

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